Jane Floyd

Jane Floyd

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Kym Larsen and the team members of Ocean Enterprises for the past six months in her capacity as PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer/HSA Instructor. Specifically, as I complete my Doctoral Dissertation on Assessment of Scuba Diving on the Quality of Life of Veterans Affected by a Traumatic Brain Injury, I am most fortunate to partner with Kym and Ocean Enterprises.

To begin, the commitment of Kym and the Ocean Enterprise Team to our veteran community is commendable. Their dedication to veterans that have been affected by the challenges of war, goes beyond enthusiasm for veterans to merely learn an exciting and new sport, the team is seeking to be a part of their recovery as they reintegrate back into society. Kym has learned the challenges presented by Post Traumatic Syndrome and serves as an informed advisor to the fellow OE team members in their work with the veterans.

The benefit of therapeutic recreation has been proven in the overall rehabilitation of patients yet there is more to be learned as we work with veterans in providing alternative forms of support in their recovery process. It is clear from the volunteer team members of OE that all are compassionate and prepared to encourage, counsel, provide support and leadership as veterans seek to learn a complicated sport that allows them to develop a new set of skills, self efficacy and an ownership in their healing. Motivation is recognized as a critical component to the active engagement of participants and the team members not only models this but also guides those in the process.

The team clearly communicates expectations in the classroom and the dive experience to insure safety and knowledge. Kym and the other Ocean Enterprise instructors possess a specialized knowledge not only in the sport of scuba diving but the uniqueness of working with veterans with a variety of capabilities. Additionally, they provide appropriate program planning throughout the training experience with the strong belief in the recreation experience that scuba can provide to support the transition and rehabilitation of veterans.

All of this could not be possible without the committed owners and leadership team that comprise Ocean Enterprises, Myra and Werner Kum. In essence, each member serve as a testament to reinvesting in our community in their volunteer service hours and teach a healthy and new set of skills, in the sport of scuba, that aid in the reintegration of our veterans with their return home. It is exciting to work with Kym and her fellow team members and to have the tremendous support of an organization such as Ocean Enterprises.

Jane M. Floyd M.A.


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